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[One-shot] That was never going to happen

Title: That was never going to happen
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Siwon/Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk/Donghae (Both top and bottom)
Genre: Angst, Smut, One-shot
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Cheating, Gay sex.
Beta: avya7x 
Summary: But it wasn’t Siwon’s face the one he wanted to see, it wasn’t that voice he wanted to hear, it wasn’t those lips he wanted to kiss.
Notes: First time writing a fic in english.

It didn’t matter if Hyukjae bit Siwon’s shoulders, or if he scratched Siwon’s back. It didn’t even matter if he left marks.
It was Siwon the one who couldn’t; he had to do be careful, to stroke with just the tip of his fingers, to lick him without putting his teeth too close.

The first time had been mostly out of pity, Siwon felt pity for him. He knew about his feelings for Donghae. (Everyone knew anyway)

Eunhyuk knew, it wasn’t like Donghae was being difficult; the problem was Donghae didn’t even think about him in that way, they were friends. Best friends, and Donghae was so fucking innocent that every effort on Hyukjae’s part was utterly wasted.
So that night, Siwon spent the night with him. Talking at first, and then snuggling in bed, caressing his hair softly and then Hyukjae had kissed him, begging, crying, wanting to feel something. Because Hyukjae knew how Siwon felt about him.

You would think having sex with Siwon was all love, kisses, hugs, and sweet words.
It was, at first.

Then, after a some time, it was Hyukjae against a wall, or against a table, or on the table or any place within reach.
Siwon did it exactly the way he looked, fucking fantastic. Eunhyuk couldn’t do anything besides moan and beg, cry out of lust and cum in Siwon’s hand.

But now, while Siwon lifted him in the air, holding him by his thighs, Hyukjae wrapped his legs around Siwon’s waist and arms around his neck, he couldn’t stop thinking about stopping this. But…

“Oh God…”

After coming between their stomachs, the only thing he could see was Donghae smiling at him or just watching him.

“Siwon… No more… Donghae”

Of course, Siwon would always reply.

“It’s fine, hyung”

Hyukjae had thought that it would be fine, until Donghae finally accepted his feelings and would innocently kiss his lips. But Hyukjae didn’t just want that, he wanted much more than that.

So here he was, jumping on Siwon’s body, with one hand furiously stroking his cock, and with the other caressing his fabulous abs. Sweating, moaning, and biting those lips that only a few days ago had kissed Donghae.

“I’m with Donghae now”
“I know, it’s fine, hyung”

But Donghae was a damn virgin and Hyukjae had to wait, making it slowly and safely, caressing him and calming him, before Donghae would relax a little to let him in or worse, he could feel how Donghae would push himself in painfully slowly, as if Hyukjae were a woman, as if he could break Hyukjae apart.

Hyukjae liked it hard, the bed squeaking with all the thrusting, the headboard smacking against the wall, and Siwon holding him hard by the waist and pushing himself against his body, hitting the right spot.

“Oh there… fuck… harder…”

Siwon knew the exact position, the speed and the force to leave him on the edge. Siwon would lift him touching his back with his abs, making Hyukjae turn around to kiss him awkwardly because of the position, making Hyukjae fuck him by jumping on him.

“This… is the last time…”
“One more, hyung, as a goodbye”

Donghae did it with quiet kisses, with the lights off holding his hand while they’d come. Hyukjae told himself, he could get used to doing it like this, maybe, or perhaps with a bit more time, Donghae would learn or at least hear his begging and pleading for him to go harder or faster.

He didn’t.

Hyukjae knew that everyone knew, that he was more than a porn addict, to not say that the boy was just horny. Hyukjae thought Donghae would understand, thought Donghae as his friend would know, but it was Siwon who would drag him to some empty room and would push him against the door, pull down his trousers and suck him off.


But it wasn’t Siwon’s face the one he wanted to see, it wasn’t that voice he wanted to hear, it wasn’t those lips he wanted to kiss.


But Siwon wasn’t Donghae, and of course Donghae wasn’t Siwon. And it even wasn’t as if Hyukjae liked them both, it was Donghae. Donghae was the one who could make him smile without a word, it was Donghae the one who would act shy making Hyukjae go red in the face, it was Donghae who would say “I love you, Hyukjae” making Hyukjae go all shy, but he would reply “I love you too, Donghae” anyway.

“This has to end” Hyukjae would say.

Siwon would look at him nodding, but he wouldn’t say a word, because they both knew that was never going to happen.

It would not end.



PD: Feel free to point any mistake.
Tags: fic, genre:angst, genre:smut, pairing:eunhae, pairing:sihyuk
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