mumu_doll (mumu_doll) wrote,

[One-shot] In Winter

Title: In Winter
Pairing: EunHae
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Warning: Characther death, but is not that sad.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Beta: avya7x 
Summary: Donghae couldn’t listen to his father anymore and he hugged him tightly, he could only hear Eunhyuk singing.

It started the same day winter arrived.

Donghae knew he shouldn’t do it, it was forbidden, but he was so curious, and you know when something is forbidden, you just can’t help yourself.

So there he was, walking around his father’s hospital, bored, watching people cough, sleep, and mourn in the hallways. He didn’t care, honestly, diseases were part of his life, even if he had never become ill, Donghae had never become ill in his 14 years of life, but having a father who was a doctor and a mother who was a nurse (they had met and fallen in love in that age-old hospital), it was like daily bread.

That day it was raining, as it always did when winter began.

He was looking for a little heat, up the stairs, rubbing his hands and breathing on them when he saw one of the private rooms, those were the rooms where his father insisted that he should never enter, a boy was sitting on a bed stared aimlessly out the window.

Donghae had thought that perhaps the room was warm enough for the boy to be sitting with only blankets covering his legs, exposing his bare arms to the cold place.

Obviously, Donghae entered the room, but the boy did not seem to notice, just like the cold went unnoticed, he appeared to be singing something he was extremely concentrated in his humming.

Donghae sat near the patient, without bothering him, drowning in the melody.

“Umh ... Hello?”

Donghae jumped, frightened and in pain from the uncomfortable position he’d been in. He looked around; he’d fallen asleep listening to the boy.

“Hello ...” Donghae answered, rubbing his eyes. “What time is it?”

Obviously it was late, it was dark outside and someone had put a blanket over him.

“I ... I don’t know“

Donghae nodded, knowing that the boy had nowhere to see the time. He rose quickly and walked closer to the sick boy.

The other one only stared at him; Donghae noticed that they were probably the same age. He returned the blanket and whispered "thank you" and left.


Donghae wasn’t even conscious as to how his feet brought him to that room for the second time, but he was there watching the boy eat his breakfast. When he seemed to have finished, Donghae proceeded to tell him that he’d only eaten one-eight of what he’d previously had, he watched him intently. Donghae felt uncomfortable.

'Hello,' said the boy, “Are you the one who fell asleep yesterday?”

Donghae smiled slightly and nodded.

“Ah ...” answered the other.

Donghae was silent, as he didn’t have an idea of what to say or do, but it wasn’t as if the boy were kicking him out.

“Ah! I’m Donghae”. He said finally.

“Ah ... Hello, again”, the boy blushed slightly, looking a bit healthier, instead of looking as if he was dying; “I’m ... ehh ... Eunhyuk”.

They stood there in silence, until Eunhyuk, started coughing and didn’t seem to be able to stop. Donghae worried for the first time about someone being sick.

“I'm fine,” replied the other while hiding the cloth on which he had coughed. “Don’t worry”.

“You wouldn’t be here if it were so” Donghae said, “What do you have?”

Eunhyuk, who had been sitting, lied back as if going to sleep. Donghae assumed Eunhyuk wouldn’t tell him anything. He wouldn’t badger him.

... ... ....

Within two weeks, Donghae doesn’t understand why he keeps going back to visit the boy, but every day he becomes more anxious to leave school and go to the hospital.

Donghae had shared most of his life story with Eunhyuk, he came to tell him the things he did during the day and they would laugh together, still Donghae realized that Eunhyuk would not reveal a single detail about his life, he just knew that Eunhyuk was older by half a year, that he didn’t have any family and that he liked to sing and dance.

“But I can’t do it anymore” he told him.

Donghae asked why and Eunhyuk just stared out the window. Then he realized why.

... ... ... ... ...

After three weeks, Donghae still had no idea what disease Eunhyuk had and therefore, he borrowed (actually stole) several books of diseases he found in the hospital’s university and some from his father's library.

When he arrived to the older boy’s room, he threw the books over Eunhyuk’s legs and sat next to him reading them out loud. Eunhyuk couldn’t read so he asked about each sentence and repeated the words after Donghae read them.

They spent more than a week reading various diseases associated with coughing, because Eunhyuk had never talked about any other symptom, so Donghae had to read more than was necessary.

When Donghae got bored bringing so many book to the room, Eunhyuk asked him if he could please bring him much smaller books instead?

Donghae brought every book he could and left them in the small cabinet that was next to the boy's bed.

Eunhyuk fell asleep resting his head on Donghae’s shoulder just after he had read only a paragraph.

Lately all Eunhyuk would do was sleep.

... ..

As the days passed, the month ended and the cold became more evident, Eunhyuk slept more and his condition seemed to grow worse. He developed a fever, ate less and whenever Donghae stopped talking, he looked out the window and passed the rest of the time like that, humming the song Donghae liked.

“Donghae, you shouldn’t come over anymore” he said the second week of the month.

“Why? “

Eunhyuk was silent and Donghae decided that if Eunhyuk could ignore his question, he would ignore the request.

... ..

When he returned, Eunhyuk was vomiting, pale and in pain. A nurse was holding a pot between the boy's legs, stroking his hair and whispering things that Donghae couldn’t catch.

Donghae ran to his father, asking permission to stay at his friend’s house. His father had no problem with it.

When he returned to Eunhyuk, he was asleep, breathing heavily, his face moist. Donghae lay beside him, placing one arm over the older one’s stomach and lacing their fingers together.

“I'll stay with you tonight”, he said when Eunhyuk half awake asked what he was doing there.

The older blushed, looking a bit healthier, and then he smiled at him, drawing himself closer to cuddle.

“Thanks”, he whispered into the younger one’s chest and fell asleep.

Donghae let the boy sleep in his arms, caressing him gently, awkwardly planting a kiss on his forehead before entering the world of dreams with Eunhyuk.

... ... ... ..

“Donghae, have you kissed someone before? “Eunhyuk asked early one morning on the third month.

Eunhyuk was lying, covered with blankets that belonged more to Donghae than to the hospital, who sat in an armchair, which he had brought from home, too. How no one had noticed a guy coming in with an armchair and a pack of blankets to the hospital was something else.

Donghae smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Of course, my mom, dad, friends, you ...”

“I mean ... someone you like, as a girlfriend”, said the older one shielding his face.

“Mmm ... No”, Donghae said without giving it much importance, “and you?”

“No” ... Eunhyuk said under the covers.

They were silent for a while, Donghae trying to finish his homework assignment, but obviously couldn’t concentrate.

“Why do you ask?” he finally asked.

Eunhyuk did not respond and turned around.

... ... ... ....

“I think ... I'm going to die”.

In the second week of the third month, Eunhyuk was terribly sick, but Donghae was sure that his friend would not die. So he sat down beside him, stroking his hair and said no, he would not let him die.

“Donghae ... “Eunhyuk said from under the covers. Donghae had sat down on the couch to read another book.


“Can I ask you for a favor?” Eunhyuk said looking into his eyes. Donghae felt nervous.

“Of course”.

“Can you promise not to laugh?”

“I promise.”

“Can you promise me that you’ll do as I ask?”

“If it isn’t something that could kill you or me, I will. “

Eunhyuk opened his mouth, thinking seriously about what he was about to ask. Donghae started to worry.

Eunhyuk covered himself a bit with the blankets, making it easier to see how tightly he was holding them.

“Can you kiss me?”

Donghae looked at him wide eyed, opened his mouth as Eunhyuk had done before. Eunhyuk turned away from him.

“It’s stupid, you don’t have to do it”, Eunhyuk said after he was well hidden.

Donghae asked himself why he felt so strange at that time; he may be getting sick, after spending so much time in the hospital and stuff.

He touched his cheeks, which were hot; he probably had a fever and high blood pressure, because his heart was beating faster than ever before.

No one said anything during the day and Donghae remembered that that night he would stay with Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk said nothing when he felt Donghae getting into the bed, but soon he turned to cuddle and buried his face into Donghae’ chest.

Donghae did not know why he did it, but couldn’t help it either.

He lowered one hand to lift Eunhyuk chin to face him and got closer slowly, until both were with their lips together, not moving, not breathing, until Eunhyuk pulled away, looking down.

Donghae felt foolish and embarrassed, until Eunhyuk smiled and approached him quickly, strongly replanting his lips on him and then they kissed, very awkwardly, exploring the mysterious world of kissing. In the end they fell asleep cuddling.

... ..

At the end of last month of winter, Eunhyuk was even worse, coughing every time he tried to speak and Donghae never could see the cloth that Eunhyuk hid under the bed after coughing on it.

Donghae didn’t understand why Eunhyuk wasn’t improving, even after not leaving the hospital room.

“Donghae ... it hurts”, it was almost all Eunhyuk said those days.

“It’s ok Eunhyukkie” told Donghae, “You’ll be fine”.

Eunhyuk rested against his shoulder, gasping, until finally both relaxed and Eunhyuk began to hum that song.

Donghae could hear him this time, whispering the words with difficulty.

“Don’t cry in pain, counting the time that’s passed, don’t miss a foolish love that’s already passed”

Donghae fell asleep and awoke some time later, kissing a sleeping Eunhyuk on the lips as goodbye.

Then he saw the cloth Eunhyuk always hid, it was soaked with blood

... ... ... ..


Donghae found his father on his way to visit Eunhyuk. It was the first day of spring and perhaps Eunhyuk's disease would be gone just like winter. At least he hoped so.

“Donghae, what are you doing here?”

“I came to visit a friend.”

Then he thought of something.

“Dad, you know what Lee Eunhyuk has? The boy about my age, who’s in room 203C?

“Lee Eunhyuk?” Said his father doubtfully, reviewing his books. “There is no Eunhyuk in 203C, son. There is a Lee Hyukjae... last night… he...

Donghae couldn’t listen to his father anymore and he hugged him tightly, he could only hear Eunhyuk singing.

"Please… I hope that you’ll be happy… Let’s never meet again”

The end...


The song Hyuk sang is Let's Not from Suju KRY.
Feel free to point any mistakes.

And... Someone knows how i can post thing in the blank page, like without the layout? Please help me?  Thank you.
Tags: fic, genre:angst, pairing:eunhae, rating:pg
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