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[One-shot] More innocent than...

Title: More innocent than...
Pairing: HaeHyuk and HyukHae (yeah, they switch)
Rating: R
Genre: Crack
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Beta: avya7x 
Summary: It took a month and a week for Donghae to, in the last seat of the van, when no one was looking, bend over and press his lips softly (omg so gently) against Hyukjae’s.


What happened went like this.

First, Donghae had to wait three - three! – yes three years to confess to Hyukjae. And they had known each other for six years. Hyukjae refused.

Second, Donghae spent a year begging Hyukjae to accept him.

He harassed him, persecuted him, cried over him, bought him flowers, invited him to the movies, scared all his potential lovers, took photos of him, recorded him while in the shower (well, that was not part of the courtship process), and did about a thousand other things that finally, after a frustrating year, Hyukjae told him, "Sure."

Sure? Sure he was going to give him a chance.

Third, from this point on everything went from bad to worse. Or something like that.

Hyukjae, even though everyone knew that he was a perverted obsessed porn addict, was more innocent than a 10 year old girl. Donghae could swear the only progress they had made was to know that they were dating.

After a month they had not shared even one single kiss, absolutely nothing. Not even a peck!

Hugging and holding hands was an achievement that he had made when they were friends. This could not get worse.

It took a month and a week for Donghae to, in the last seat of the van, when no one was looking, bend over and press his lips softly (omg so gently) against Hyukjae’s.

Hyukjae ended up looking more flushed than tomatoes with a fever and pressed a little more. That was heaven, thought Donghae. The wait was worth it, almost.

Still two months later Donghae could not even count the times they had kissed, on one hand. (Not even kissed, it was necessary to call it, almost an accident, where his lips collided with mine for two seconds).

Two more months and a week later Donghae dared to press his body in those almost-kisses to Hyukjae’s, wrapping an arm around his waist and the other around his shoulders, mouth slightly open and his tongue caressing the other’s lips. Hyukjae gasped and Donghae seized the moment to savor every inch of his lover with his tongue. Hyukjae melted into the kiss. Donghae let him be.

That was worth it.

What Donghae thought was a breakthrough, lasted four months and two weeks.

Passionate kisses lasted less and Donghae started to wonder if Hyukjae really wanted to date him. Now it really could not get any worse.

Well, it must be said for the worst of the worst to come.

Hyukjae refused to sleep with him (in all possible ways). Hyukjae’s dormitory would now be locked and the two of them in one room was ancient history.


When Heechul noticed the little affair (It’s not an affair, hyung!) which included their two cute dongsaeng dancers the indirect plan began. The "dance practice" (which really were nothing more than that), the "We will leave for a while" (was going for a ride and nothing else) and "other things" (which were just the same things without the quotes) made Donghae take drastic decisions.

With the first "practice dance" between them, Donghae decided to put hands and feet to his first plan. When they had barely finished and Hyukjae went to the radio to stop the music, Donghae was behind him, he turned Hyukjae with a force he had recently discovered and planted with the same force his mouth against the other (Ouch, teeth). Hyukjae opened his eyes and didn’t know what to do, fortunately, Donghae knew in detail what he wanted to do (or wanted to do to Hyukjae).

Donghae parted his lips a moment and returned to plant a seductive kiss, smiling, moving a little and looking at Hyukjae, Hyukjae became shy and closed his eyes. Step one, complete. Then Donghae introduced his tongue like so many other times (4 times) he had done, Hyukjae responded slowly and melted. Step two, complete. Donghae lowered his hands from Hyukjae shoulders to the waist and left them there for a while for Hyukjae to get used to. Then he began to move from the waist to the abdomen, to the chest, the shoulders, the arms, the back, and finally to his backside.

Hyukjae let out a yelp (could that be a moan?), when Donghae squeezed his ass with both hands. Hyukjae pushed him hard and ran. Plan three, WTF...

"Hyukkie, wait!"

... ....

Even after that embarrassing faux feet (or hands), Donghae decided to try again.

After trials, between breaks, before going on stage, in the van (Omg, get a room), in the bathroom, in all places that could fit two people, Donghae cornered Hyukjae making him moan (yes, moan) with his groping, until the 35th (Donghae knew how to count and knew how to take advantage of the time), Hyukjae began accepting and even responding, to these touching examinations (most know as groping sessions).

(Donghae hoped that Hyukjae wished and waited for them).

The next thing was to remove the key from Eunhyuk’s dormitory. That was easier, but no less satisfying, as above.

He hit his head against the wall as punishment for not having thought of it before.

Simple and easy, he stole the key, made a copy and no one knew of his prank (Except Kyuhyun who helped him get the key,-“only if you let me make a video when you two do it”-).

When they were about two months and reached the umpteenth time of those games (Donghae could not count that much), which had been in Hyukjae’s bed, when he was still semi-awake and did not notice that Donghae had entered his room. Well, the important thing about this is that to someone apparently had a little problem (or a big and hard problem) under his pajamas and it was not Donghae.

Donghae smiled. Hyukjae woke up. Donghae put a hand over Hyukjae’s mouth. Hyukjae tried to scream. Donghae silenced him with a grip on his...


Donghae took his hand off of Hyukjae’s mouth. Hyukjae looked wary, but kept silent. Donghae reached under Hyukjae’s pants and smiled...

"Mmm ..."

No underwear.

From there, everything was different.

... ... ....

Or…. maybe not.

Hyukjae kicked him hard with one leg, hitting him where it hurt the most and left him to cry in the bathroom.

Donghae took a few minutes to recover and ran to calm his innocent girlfriend (yes, girlfriend, because Hyukjae was acting as such, Donghae did not hesitate to tell him, obviously.

"Stop acting like a little girl!"

"Leave me alone, you horny fuc... bastard").

Donghae spent 2 horrible weeks alone, because Hyukjae wouldn’t let him near him. Never mind a little kiss.

If Donghae was something, it was persistent, and after two boring and frustrating weeks, Donghae started again his bumping session. Hyukjae could do nothing when it was the fifth time he had problems with these little touching games and so he let Donghae do what he wanted.

Masturbating his partner opened a new world of opportunities for Donghae, Hyukjae could not resist. It was not just hands after a month or the mutual help from both, Donghae wanted more and that's what he did.

Hyukjae came immediately when Donghae wrapped his mouth to his oh so wonderful cock. Donghae drowned for a moment, but survived.

Neither stupid nor lazy, Donghae was imposed to learn this new technique and he learned it well.

Three days after a year together; Donghae had a begging, nude Hyukjae under his touch. Donghae had not learnt just that little bit and had already trained and prepared for the begging Hyukjae.

"Wait ... Hae ..." moaned Hyukjae before Donghae introduced a finger into him.

"Ohh no ... I've waited more than 5 years and 3 days to do this, I’m not waiting any longer." He proclaimed.

"No, Hae ..." repeated Hyukjae, Donghae introduced a finger.

Hyukjae moaned and could not talk anymore; the only coherent word coming out of his mouth was "Donghae."

When the owner of the name that was heard so often introduced himself into the other, he could not resist teasing a little.

"Still want to wait?"

"No, fuck!" Hyukjae had a talent for saying things in foreign languages in bed, "Move"

Donghae obeyed and complied when Hyukjae yelled "Faster, stronger, oh Holy Mother, oh My God, oh there, there .... Oh…oh…oh."

Until, both parties came amid moans and incoherent words. Donghae rested on the other’s chest while Hyukjae did not know what to do with his hands (Should I stroke his hair or not?) He decided to just let them rest at his sides.

"I love you Hyukkie" Donghae whispered, planting a soft kiss on his lover’s lips. "The best thing I could have done was go out with you"

Hyukjae opened his eyes in surprise, Donghae did not know why. Hyukjae then returned to the stage of shyness, flushing, without looking at him, he said, "Are we dating?"

The world fell over Donghae and with an enormous amount of strength, he laughed without crying. Until, his laughter turned into something much scarier and Hyukjae began to worry.

"Ohh, Hyukkie" he said smiling, "For me, we’ve been dating about 1 year and 3 days, I think 4 now."

"What?" Donghae nodded, Hyukjae thought a moment, "But you never asked me anything...." Hyukjae blushed for the umpteenth time.

Donghae shook his head trying to understand what his partner meant. He made a small but sweet gesture of Oh! When he’d finally managed to understand.

"Hyukkie! You’re so innocent!" He said finally; kissing him and lying down beside him.

"Not so much anymore ..."

Then Donghae met Hyukjae’s not so innocent side all night long and knew the vocabulary that was used before.

"Oh My God, Hyukjae ... fuck me"

Donghae knew other languages, knew it was all worth it and knew that Hyukjae wasn’t the least bit innocent anymore.


PD: Feel free to point any mistakes.
I still want to know how can i post this in the blank page, withouyt the layout and that... please help?  Yay! Thank you totees2mai It worked!
Tags: fic, genre:crack, pairing:eunhae, rating:r
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